Warning to all readers: this project was done for a blog, this information is not real. Belarus

The second country me and my family went to was Belarus. Belarus is a country that is bordered by Poland, Latvia, Russia, and Ukraine Border. The capital of Belarus is a city called Minsk. The absolute location of Belarus is 53º 42′ 35″ N
27º 57′ 12″ E.

As we travelled through Belarus we discovered that Belarus has many different regions such as: Brestsky, Gomelsky, Grodnensky, Minsky, Mogilevsky, and Vitebsky. Some places to visit in these regions are the Khatyn Memorial, the Minsk Sea, Marc Chagall Art Center, the National Park of Belavezha, and the Jesuit Cathedral.

Destination 1: The Khatyn Memorial is a memorial of a villaget that was burnt down becuase it was housing German soldiers. It has a graveyard and each grave represents a village that was burnt down like Khatyn during WW2. One of the fortresses near Khatyn was where there was the largest rescue of Jewish people by other Jewish people in all of the second world war.

These pictures are of the Khatyn Memorial in Belarus. The picture below shows all of the different towns that were destroyed during this terrible war.

Destination 2: The Minsk Sea is an amazing sight to see and is beautiful. If you go during the winter when it is competely frozen you could watch people ice fish or you could even try it out on your own. But if you go during winter wear layers of clothing to keep you warm because it will be too cold to go when wearing shorts and flip flops.

To the left is a picture of the Minsk Sea during the Summer when the sun is setting. Below is a picture of the Minsk Sea during winter when it is competely frozen.

Destination 3: The Marc Chagall Art Center is a museum developed by Marc Chagall is known for its realistic paintings. The museum opened in 1992 and has more than 300 paintings/pictures. To get to the museum you can go by foot or by train, but by train will same more time to see other sites and places. The picture to the left is a picture of Marc Chagall  himself. In the middle is a painting done by Marc himself called The Flying Horse. And to the right is a picture of the actual museum itself in the counrty of Belarus.

Now after awhile you might start to get hungry so let’s talk about what the food is like here in Belarus. The foods here include grain, potatoes, vegtables, beef, chicken, and pork. I enjoyed the different types of chicken they had to offer here. There are many meals that include other ingredients but these are the most used ones. You never know how much food you are going to want to eat or try so always pack some extra money just to have with you at all times. The people here are different from America. The way we dress, how we travel, how we eat is all different. Our clothing styles are more opinionated. People will talk about you if your not wearing whats “in” these days.

Destination 4: The National Park of Belavezha is home to many animals such as bison and European horses, bears and wolves. But the park also contains forests, rivers, and marshlands. The park is open to the public for families to spend a couple of nights there or even weeks, it just depends on if you enjoy camping or not. This park is an amazing sight to see and should be on all to do lists.

Destination 5: The Jesuit Cathedral is a beautiful church located in the center of the town. This Cathedral is famous for its Belarusian architecture and its botonical garden. The church was founded in 1959 and then destroyed by the soviet government.

Well I have just gone through five major destination spots to visit when you go to Belarus but if you go during the summer still bring summer clothes like t-shirts, shorts, sunglasses, hats, and other light clothes becuase it get very warm here but if you go during winter, you better be smart and bring heavy coats because the temperature can drop below 0 degrees.

To get to these different places you need some sort of transportation whether you walk or take a bus. In the city the transportation you most likely will be taking are buses, trolleys, trams, or  taxis but they are the most expensive. If you are traveling long distance then you will be taking a train, a car, or even flying.

Belarus wanted to form a country where there was no weapons. They wanted a weapon-free zone. The people wanted peaceful political interaction and the society to not be afraid of their government. This interaction with the people took time and is still taking time. It seems that everywhere you go you learn something new. While travleing my family and I learned that everyone has different customs and traditions which makes us different, which is a good thing. But I know that I am so glad that I went on this trip to Belarus and Nepal. They were both trips of a lifetime and I think that if you take these trips too you will not regret anything!

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Warning to all readers: the following blogs are not an actual trip that have been taken. Please do not assume that all of the information is true. This is just a project for a class :Nepal

 A couple of summers ago me and my family took a trip to Nepal and Belarus. We learned a lot from these trips like that not all people are nice, and that there  are many different customs around the world. The first country we went to was Nepal. Nepal is a country located in Southern Asia, which is in the Northern and Eastern hemispheres, and is bordered by the countries of India and China. The absolute location of Nepal is 27� 42′ N, 85� 19′ E.

Nepal is located in two different regions which are the Khumbu region(bottom left) and the Pokhara region(bottom right).


The climate in Nepal is humid and tropical. The temperatures can range anywhere from 40 degrees to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. So it is best to have clothes for all different types of weather. There are many different places to go to when in Nepal. You could go see Mount. Everest, Royal Chitwan National Park, the Golden Gate, Phewa lake, Boudhanath, and Devi’s Fall.

Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. To climb all the way up to the peak of the mountain takes about a week or a week and a half. To the left is a picture of Mount Everest.Mount Everest is located in the Khumbu region of Nepal which is shown in one of the pictures at the top.

Another destination site to see while in Nepal is the National Park named Royal Chitwan National Park. This park was the first one established in Nepal in 1973. This park consists of plains, hills, rivers and lakes.

There are many different types of things to do at this National Park. You can go canoeing, elephant riding, travel through the jungle and much more.

The next place on the destination list is the Golden Gate. Now most people think that I’m talking about the Golden Gate Bridge but the one I am actually talking about is the Golden Gate in Nepal.

In the picture shown on the left is the Golden Gate located in Nepal. This gate that is in this picture is beautifully sculpted out of pure gold, hence the name Golden Gate. Shown at the peak of the gate are different monsters and mythical beings to represnt good fortune.

One of the most popular lakes in Nepal is the Phewa Lake. This lake is most popular for its photographs, boating, fishing, and rafting experiences. Most people come out to the lake to spend a day with their families on the nice and peaceful waters of Nepal. But also at Phewa Lake you can go water rafting. Rafting is and exciting experience where you and a group of people sit in a raft that is being pushed down by the current.

  By watching this video you may get some what of a feeling of what water rafting is like and how people do it.

Next stop on the list is a place called Boudhanath. Boudhanath is a sacred place of worship for those who live in Nepal.

This is a picture of the Boudhanath Stupa itself at sunset. Today it is an important place of pilgrimage and meditation as well as a popular tourist site.

The final place to go see is Devi’s Falls. At Devi’s Falls there are lakes, waterfalls, caves, and mountains. Many people like to go and site down by the water falls and have a picnic, but becareful because there are rumors of people falling over and drowning but just dont get too close to the edge.

This video shows the actual Devi’s Falls waterfall.

Now it might seem kind of hard to get from place to place but there are many ways such as if you are in the city then there are taxis, buses, motorcycles, bikes, and cars. If you are in the inner counrty then you might have to take a plane, helicopter, but, train, or even a boat.

There are many ways that the people interact with their environment. And in Nepal, during the 1990s, the people helped aid, soil, and water resoucre management from soil erosion, land failure, and water quality from changing.  

This picture shows the people of Nepal disgussing the plans to help their environment from bad things happening such as the land failing to produce crops or water quality from changing. The people actually want to take care of their land unlike some countries that don’t even care about their surroundings.

After learning a little about Nepal without actually going there I hope that learning a little about the types of interactions and places there will make you actually want to go to Nepal. If you decide to go there some attractions might be expensive so bring some money. Nepal food is mostly made up of  breads, vegtables, grains, and potatoes, so if you don’t enjoy eating these foods then I don’t recomend going but if you do go take the time to enjoy wat you are looking at and don’t just go to say you went.

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-Google Images


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